Elephant Village

The elephant village, even though on the corner.

Immediately next to the large temple complex, opposite the entrance of our district of the city, is the entrance to the elephant village. For adults and children a great experience during the holidays.

There is a sizable group of elephants, 2 males, 16 females of different ages and a baby elephant.

When you enter, you will become acquainted with the elephants and may also feed them. . After that you get an explanation and a demonstration given how elephants ever worked in the jungle. It is nice to see how useful they are, how smart and how well they work together.

Elephants are friendly animals that have a great sense of justice and loyalty.

After that it is possible to change to a elephant ride. A short one, just to feel how that feels now; riding on an elephant. But you can also take one hour in the jungle.

Elephants once were the best way to travel in inhospitable area. They can easily walk across steep pieces or a river, which they then keep the trunk above the water.

At the link below you can also see a film about it and information about the adventure and safari park where shows with snakes.