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Shopping in Hua Hin

There is much choice for those who want to do (window) shopping. This is because Hua Hin has a rather large ' fixed ' population. A large proportion of it are Expats and of course the shops offer to their need in addition to that what they offer to tourists.

In addition to cheap priced items there is therefore much to find of high quality.

Night Market.

Every night the festive is in this market. Artistic articles, counterfeit brand stuff, and many food stalls and restaurants give a fantastic atmosphere.

The city Centre.

Around in the Centre are many smaller shops. They also sell artistic jewelry and clothing. For the latest fashion to goggles or other matters you may well be justified.

Market Village.

South of the Centre is a large shopping mall. And with Western articles at all Western drifts.


In the Centre and along the main street is to find a range of tailors. It is very nice to select a nice dress or suit in advance. You can also change a bit. Go with the edited photo to the tailor. There let you create your own unique design. Walk at a few inside. Then you will notice soon enough who the best responds to your ideas. Question also good the price in advance.

In addition to these, there are very many places in Hua Hin all kinds of markets, malls and stalls. Go and see to the flowers and vegetables market, set to be at the Pak klong Talat.

And, of course, you can go to Bangkok, shopping. It is very close.