Hua Hin is in the middle of Thailand with activities as golf, historical sites, beaches, watersport, nature, culture.

City in the middle of activities

…That's what they say about Hua Hin. City in the middle of everything: Here you have anything you could wish for within reach. That's why the city has a lot of European inhabitants. It's a relatively relaxed coastal town; ideal for family holidays, and beloved by expats. Quiet without being village-like, with a lively night life. By tuk-tuk or rented scooter you'll get around, fast and easy. Except for the beach, it's just too hot for walking.

Hua Hin. City of pure gold, tropical fruit, beautiful beaches, mountains, caves, and land of great beauty.
Hua Hin is a well-known seaside place in Thailand in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula, about 200 km southward of Bangkok. It has 85,000 inhabitants in a 900 km² area. Hua Hin offers a large amount of attractions, like the beaches, national parks, historical cities, and opportunities for sports like golf (7 golf courses) and aquatics.

Lively markets, idyllic beaches

Famous is the large nightmarket full of restaurants and shops. On the east side you'll find the beaches. Hua Hin's beach is 5 km long and consists of white sand and clean water. Ideal for swimmers and aquatics. The northern and southern parts of the beach are very quiet. It's still possible there to have a long walk without meeting anyone.
Alongside the untouched beaches the fish is still caught in the traditional way: this means genuinely fresh fish every day.

Resort with royal style

In spite of the significant international influences, Hua Hin kept a strong Thai identity. It's Thailand's oldest beach resort, where the royal family has owned a palace since 1920. From that time onward, the city enjoys the interest of the Thai and international jetset.
Enjoy the magnificent beaches and tropical sun, the fun of all kinds of aquatics, and the sublime, multifaceted fresh Thai food. With 7 golf courses Hua Hin might as well be considered the golf player's Walhalla.
And everything is so close: you can go shopping in Bangkok or go for a walk in a nature reserve, and yet find yourself relaxing at your private swimming pool in the evening!

Shopping, bying groceries

There are three local markets with lovely local products like fruit and vegetables, fish, special herbs, and freshly made meals.
At 5 PM everywhere in Hua Hin cafetaria open with a plentiful choice of fresh food. The Main Bazar and the Night Market are lively markets full of mechandise, and food stalls a bit more oriented towards tourists. Last but not least there's are large, modern shopping mall.


Hua Hin has a tropical climate with a moist spring and a shower every now and then. In general the cool season stretches from November until February. The hottest months are from March up to and including May. The rainy season starts in June and ends in October. The showers are short and are wonderfully refreshing! In one way or another, Hua Hin alway gets less rain then other places along the coast. Beside of that, the air is very clean, because there is no industy.

Beach and Aquatics

In Hua Hin's city centre (northward or southward from the Hilton) you'll find a lively beach filled with stalls, cafetaria, and beach chairs. Here you'll also see extensive possibilities for things like kayaking, surfing, parasailing, bananaboat sailing, kitesurfing, waterskiing, and sailing. The relatively modest pricing makes it attractive to try out the more spectacular sports.
If you stroll a few kilometers to the north or south, you'll find extensive, quiet beaches. Using taxi or boat you can visit beaches that lie further away, located in nature reserves, quiet and of stunning beauty.

Pensioners / expats

There are about 3000 foreigners in Hua Hin, mainly Europeans. It's one of the more popular places to live in Thailand, because of the climate, the beautiful environs, and the possibilities to play sports like golfing and aquatics.


There are many internetcafes in Hua Hin. The costs vary from € 1.50 till € 6 per hour. Aircard is available at the house (not for iPad), prepaid vouchers can be purchased at the Hua Hin Shopping Mall .

Media / Contact

You can obtain several English newspapers in Hua Hin; an important source of news is the informative website Hua Hin News. Fixed telephone lines, all cell phone systems, fast internet (ADSL), post offices and parcel srvice are available.

Medical services

Hua Hin has multiple modern health centres and hospitals for highgrade medical help.

Local food

Hua Hin offers an abundance of places to eat out. It's famous for its fresh sea food, which is plentifully available in the Night Market, restaurants and hotel-restaurants. Naresdamri Road is a popular place, because of the economical restaurants and romatic views over sea. This area is part of the Hua Hin fishing harbour, and early in the morning you can take away freshly caught fish.

Elephant safari

The elephant carries you through the river and through the jungle. A great outing, fantastic for the children. It's cheaper to book at a travel agency than at the gate. You'll leave from Hua Hin with a group of people in a minivan to the elephant village, southward from Hua Hin.

Marukatayawan Palace

This authentic summer palace has been built in 1923 by H.M. King Rama VI. The palace was built on 1080 cement pillars. Visit the king's bedroom, office, guestrooms, and take a look at his personal posessions. The long hallways are wonderfully cool.
Open daily from 08:30 AM till 1:30 PM.

River Kwai

Take the bus to the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi. You can take a look at the bridge, which has been built during the Second World War by the prisoners of war, who worked on the Birma railway. Also visit the impressive cemeteries with the graves of approximately 9000 allied soldiers, died while building the bridge and the infamous “Death railway”. Take the train over the Birma railway to the Wang Pho station for a lunch in the local restaurant. For the adventurer an elephant ride through the jungle will start after lunch, followed by rafting on the River Kwai, while you enjoy the jungle atmosphere.

Mai Thai Cruise and deep sea fish

The wooden boat “Mai Thai” sails daily from Pak Nam Pran (Pranburi) to Sam Roi Yod National Park from 08:00 AM till 4:30 PM. Suntanning on the deck, swimming, fishing, looking at pink dolphins, and feeding the apes on the Island Avid, you will experience it all. It's also possible to join the local fishermen to go deep sea fishing from afternoon till midnight.

Floating Market en Rose Garden

A two hour bustrip to the north will bring you to the floating market, Damnoen Saduak. Early in the morning this is particularly worthwhile. From there you can make a boat trip over the canals to the centre of the market. Continue the journey to Nakorn Pathom to visit the largest pagode in Thailand, and, after that, Rose Garden Country Resort. Also visit the Thai village show which gives an impression of Thai life. You'll witness the inauguration of a monk, finger dancing, Thai boxing, working elephants, and a Thai wedding.

Golfing and golf courses in Hua Hin

There are multiple golf clubs near Kao Noi/Avalon, with, reputedly, Thailand's best golf courses:

On this site there is page with all the details and prices.


See for the three National Nature parks further in this website.